The Alexander Trust
The Alexander Trust was set up in 1996 to help our son Alexander who was born with sever Cerebral Palsy, to obtain therapy and remedies that were not available on the National Health.

Support for families
The trust developed so well we decided to help other families in the same situation as ourselves, by passing on information concerning alternative treatments one being dolphin assisted therapy.

When finances permit we do make donations to families to help towards treatment for their special needs child. While our main aim is to help children we do not over look special needs adults who also need that special help, we make donations to local charities all requests for money are considered sympathetically.


International Dolphin Therapy Watch
We are researching into dolphin-assisted therapy, what long lasting effects it has on the children.

Researching into dolphin therapy centres round the world finding out what programmes they have to offer, their content, price and facilities available.

Where possible we intend to visit these centres, compile a report on them. Extensive listing and reports will be available to families on request.